Slider and Animation

Hello All,

I have two questions regarding the matplotlib Slider and animation.

Question 1: How to create an image along with a Slider axes, such that the Slider values changes with time?

Here is the example structure of the code I am trying but unsuccessful to have an animated Slider that changes with time.

def complicated_image(Timestep):
  """Write code to create complicated image where all variables to plot are certain functions of Timestep"""
  p2 = plt.quiver(X,Y,Z1,Z2)
  p3 = plt.pcolormesh(Delta0)
  p1 = plt.contour(r,z,value,10)

  return plt.gca() [ Question 2 : Is there are better way to return the axis so that it can be used in the animate_image function.]

def animate_image():
  f1 = figure()
  ax = gca()
  for i in range(100):
    ax = complicated_image(i)
    axtime = plt.axes([0.1,0.01,0.8,0.02],axisbg='white')
    stime = Slider(axtime,'TimeStep',0,100,valinit=0)

If I omit the lines containing the axtime axes (i.e. the part related to Slider) then I get the image properly that changes with time but of course without the Slider.

Bhargav Vaidya