sizing plot right when embedded in wxPython

Hi, this is somewhat of a wxPython issue, maybe, but in the
end I think my confusion is in how the sizing of a mpl canvas vs.
a figure ought to work, and so I am trying here first.

The attached code (a wxPython frame which displays a mpl
graph...what most here would call a plot) shows my problem.
The bottom of the graph is cut off unless I resize the frame to
be very tall. But one can see that this is wrong because you
can resize it to make it not so tall, but then resize it again but
not let go (don't let it go idle, so it won't yet call it's size method)
and there is plenty of room for the x axis label and such. When
you do let go it resizes it to cut off the bottom again.

I think this is because in the _SetSize method of the PlotPanel
class, it is getting the parent's client size, but this is not taking
into account two ways in which some of that size is used up
Maybe. Like:

- In the case of a panel with other objects on it (like the two buttons),
it doesn't subtract the height of those buttons.

- In the case of a wx.AUINotebook, it doesn't subtract the height of
the bar where the tabs are.

I have played around with it but have wound up confusing myself,
and I am unclear as to how the _SetSize method is working here,
or if it is right for all circumstances (I guess it isn't, since my x

I have a nagging sense that I just should RTFM more, but on the
other hand I just wanted a reality check that the way I am thinking
about this is about on target.

Che (6.62 KB)