Single Point Stored Plot

Hello John & NG, thank you very much for your answer. I

    > had actually make it working using Line2D instances for
    > every point in the plot (every well location has its own
    > Line2D object associated). It works reasonably well, but I
    > have some doubts about my implementation... First of all,
    > I don't know how actually *delete* a Line2D from the plot


    > (when the well should be hidden) and, moreover, when I
    > have a large number of wells it takes quite a long time to
    > create all the Line2D instances and plot them... Do you
    > think it will work faster/better if I use a
    > RegularPolyCollection?

Yes, plotting a large number of Line2D instances will be significantly
slower than using a collection. Give it a try!