Single Point Stored Plot

Hello NG,

    I am facing a small problem for which I was unable to
find a solution. Basically, I have to make a scatter plot of x, y
coordinates (they represents oil wells positions) on a 2D map, but I
have some constraints:

1) I would like to have each point as a
separate "plot object", because the user may decide to hide/show only a
particular well, or show/hide them all, or show/hide whatever
combination of wells.
2) At the moment when the class that holds a
single well position/status is created, the plot window may not be
there (because is the user that decides when to open a new plot

I have tried something like:

def BuildMPLActor(self):


the MPL Actor is a single well
    point = [(xpos, ypos)]
well2d = PolyCollection(point)

And, after the user creates the plot
window, I do:


Obviously, it
doesn't work. It throws a fantastic error like the following:

File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib\", line
TypeError: CXX : Error creating object
of type N2Py7SeqBaseINS_6ObjectEEE

Does anyone have some suggestion
on how to solve this problem (if you think there are better strategies
to implement this, I am open to all suggestions/ideas).

Thank you very
much for your help.