simple way to interact with the mouse/keyboard


I am looking for a simple way to have a plot on which I can interact
with a cursor. An example:
- I have two plots on the same window and I wish to perform
  some action on these plots (change the scale, plot a different slice
  of an array, etc) depending on the pressed key and its location in the
  window. So if I am within the first plot, select the nearest point
  and redraw some info related to that point in the second plot (only
  when clicking with the left mouse button for example).

  If I type ''z'' (for zoom) then it is waiting for a second ''z''
  interpreted as the 2 corners of a rectangle and a zoom is made
  for this region of the plot.

I can do all this easily with ppgplot (pgplot module), but I failed
to write something simple with matplotlib.

So my questions:
- is there a simple way to do this? (interact with the cursor, mouse/keyboard
  and retrieve the location so further actions can be taken)

thanks a lot in advance

Eric Emsellem