Simple "stuff" for a general-purpose matplotlib book

Hi all,
as you might know, I'm writing a book about matplotlib. I'm
approaching the last chapter, the one I would have liked to dedicate
to "science".

Editors and I, anyhow, decided it would have been too much off-topic
for the public we are targetting, so we have instead decided to
present a series of "real world use cases" for matplotlib, situations
where graphing can be useful. Some examples could be:

- plot data from a database
- read a csv and plot its data
- webscraping to plot info on a webpage

give the wide spectrum of category I can cover, I'd like to introduce
some "scientific" examples, something every reader (and not
specifically a math/phys guy can only) can read, understand and (avove
all) appreciate :slight_smile: .

I'm thinking for example at line interpolation (generate some points
and find the line/curve that better interpolate them).

But what I'd like is to hear from you what "simple" example you'd like
to propose to be in this book.

Your collaboration would be really appreciate, because it will let the
book be more "user driven" :slight_smile:



Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
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