simple api question

The GD output looks good when printed, maybe I will switch between the 2
( Agg for display, GD for printing ). The Agg un-aliased lines don't
come out quite as well, they seem to render more of the pixels for each
point on the line. Nice to have the different backend options.



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    > Thanks, that worked for the line being plotted,
    > although the legend box and axis are still aliased.
    > Part of my requirements include supporting
    > presentation quality printing. I would like to just
    > use Agg as GD has dependency issues and keeps popping
    > up other problems ( not to mention how great the Agg
    > output looks ). But that great looking anti-aliasing
    > doesn't print well, so ideally there would be a
    > 'global' level flag that controls aliasing ( or not )
    > for everything drawn. I know when the image is being
    > created for viewing or for printing and so can set the
    > flag accordingly.

I'll work on getting the rest of the objects to respect the
antialiased flag. You can control antialiasing for all lines globally
with rcParams