simple api question

Kuzminski,> I got the .51 release, looks great. I need to
    Kuzminski,> set_antialiased() on the Renderer, but I'm not sure
    Kuzminski,> how to get the renderer object correctly. If I call
    Kuzminski,> gca() I get the SubPlot, but the renderer member is
    Kuzminski,> None. Any advice would be appreciated.

There is no way to set antialiased on the renderer itself, just on the
individual objects (lines etc).
  plot([1,2,3], antialiased=False)


  lines = plot(x1,y1,x2,y2)
  set(lines, 'antialiased', False)

or set lines.antialiased in matplotlibrc to the default you want.

Unfortunately, agg does not yet respect antialiased == False for all
primitives, currently only lines.

See also

Can you tell me what you're trying to do?


In order to get the size of the overall plot window to anywhere near
full screen, I've had to use something like

  figure(1, figsize=(18,12), dpi=72)
or figure(1, figsize=(9,6), dpi=144)

Both produce the same overall size plot window (11.25" wide by 8" tall),
but in the latter case, the text size is much larger than in the latter
case. Likewise the linewidths.

Can you please explain the interaction among the dpi value, the font
sizes displayed, and the overall plot size.

Note: If I omit the dpi parameter, the plot window remains at its
default (approx 4" x 3") size. The only way I've gotten the window size
to change at all is by adding the dpi parameter to the fiigure() call,
hence the question.

FYI, this is under RH linux 9, with XFree86 4.3.0-2.

The display is a 15" diagonal (12" horizontal, 9" vertical) Dell laptop
with 1400x1050 NVIDIA GeForce 4 (generic) graphics. Naively, this looks
like the H-res is 1400/12" = 116.66 dpi and the V-res is 1050/9" =
116.66 dpi also.

Should I set dpi to the resolution of my display (117) or to the
resolution of the X fonts (75 or 100)?



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