shortcut keys and right-click menu

some suggested shortcut keys, (ctrl+)s = save as... z = zoom

    >> to rectangle p = pan (and zoom) alt+right arrow, backspace =
    >> back alt+left arrow = forward esc, ctrl+w = close figure window
    >> we already have the neat f for fullscreen.

    > That's a great idea! If this were implemented, I'd like to
    > see a set of emacs-like key-bindings. Heck, if someone
    > points me to the right place in the code, I'll do it myself.

Never one to turn down free help...

The code is lib/matplotlib/ in FigureManagerBase.key_press

    def key_press(self, event):

        # these bindings happen whether you are over an axes or not
        #if event.key == 'q':
        # self.destroy() # how cruel to have to destroy oneself!
        # return

        if event.key == 'f':

        if event.inaxes is None:

        # the mouse has to be over an axes to trigger these
        if event.key == 'g':
        elif event.key == 'l':

Some events like 'f' are applicable anywhere in the figure and some
are only appropriate over and axes. event.inaxes is the axes the
event occurs over, or none.

If you want to simulate clicking the toolbar, you need to call the
appropriate toolbar method. The class NavigationToolbar2 is in the
same module, eg toolbar.home(), toolbar.press_zoom(event). For funcs
that need an event, you should just be able to pass in the key event
you get in key_press.

You can access the toolbar as self.toolbar, where self is the
FigureManager instance.

Have fun!