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I see. I think utilizing the backend will be sufficient for now. One more question (and thank you so much for your help!). Switching the xaxis to the top crushes it into the title, but adding more linespace to the title causes the title to go off the canvas. I really want to either resize the canvas or shift the figure down, but all I can find are functions for resizing the figure, which causes resolution issues. Are there any calls that let me shift to location of the figure on the canvas or else resize the canvas in relation to the figure?

You're looking for the subplots_adjust() method of the figure class.
You don't have to manually create a figure, as one is created for you
when you start calling pyplot functions. But it's useful to be able to
get to the object sometimes.

# At the beginning, before any plotting
fig = plt.figure()

#OR at some point during/after plotting, before show()
fig = plt.gcf()

# Gives margins in normalized figure coordinates, so 0.0 represents
very bottom, 1.0 represents very top.

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