Shape reconstruction

Hello everybody,
I would like to plot the shape of a cable (form sensor) in real-time having the following setup:
raspberryPy microcontroller-------25cm-------Sensor0----6cm----Sensor1----6cm----Sensor2-------20cm-------Sensor3----6cm----Sensor4----6cm----Sensor5-------20cm-------End

The raspberryPy is providing UDP data (radius and Phi) in real-time for all sensors:
Time (s): 124,109
Sensor Radius(mm) Phi(rad)
0 11093,5440 -2,1004
1 676,3068 0,8548
2 1387,6698 -2,0621
3 6946,8482 0,2179
4 918,4147 4,6458
5 478,8989 0,5227

Time (s): 124,188
Sensor Radius(mm) Phi(rad)
0 1279,7979 -0,7449
1 1080,9295 0,2700
2 1125,5829 -1,2864
3 914,8350 -0,6678
4 857,0777 4,2973
5 725,8872 -1,2703

I heard from other students that there is a need for something called double integration and interpolation in order to generate the curves at each sensor and the connection between the generated curves to build the whole form of the cable. Honestly i don’t have the expertise for that.
I will be very happy if someone familiar with such topics could provide me with a python code able to plot the form (curvature).
Thanks in advance

Hello, it’s unclear from your question if you’re asking for help that is domain specific and therefore out of scope for this forum. What have you tried and what isn’t working?