setting color and alpha channel of histograms


Thanks John!! Maybe it would be a good idea to update the
histogram example to include these features since the
documentation for hist does not mention anything about it.
The documentation reads
If noplot is False, compute the histogram and plot it, returning
n, bins, patches
Could be clearer, admittedly. I added a line to
showing how to set the properties on the patches.*

Yes, I read it, but I meant a reference to transparency and different colors which in the plot help is explicitly mentioned (color, not transparency).

While on the subject, I had a problem with the legend to such a plot.

m,b,p1 = hist(q2phi,bins=50,normed=1)
n, bins, pb = hist(postR0,bins=50,normed=1)
l = plot(arange(ll,ul,(ul-ll)/512.),lik[0],'g-o')

the legend that comes out of of it puts a blue square (the color of the first hist) for all three items.




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