Set Figure's position

Thanks, John! That's exactly what I was looking for

I'm using the WX backend and I was able to do:

    manager = get_current_fig_manager()





Eg for the GTK backend, for example, you could do

    from pylab import *

    import gtk

    manager = get_current_fig_manager()

    # see gtk.Window class docs at

    manager = get_current_fig_manager()

    # see gtk.Window class docs at


For the WX* backend, manager.window is a wxFrame -


For the TkAgg backend, manager.window is a Tkinter.Tk instance -

Off the top of my head I don't know the right incantation for each
backend, but hopefully the classdocs I referenced above will help.
Perhaps Todd or Matthew can chime in with more Tk and WX information.

While this arrangement may be suboptimal, we are resisting the urge to
become a GUI library. The temptations to abstract GUI functions for
use in matplotlib are many, and we are trying to keep this to a
manageable core (some event handling, some basic window management,
etc.). It's been on my list of things to do to investigate anygui,
however - - which would appear to solve
our problems but might require a substantial refactoring of the
matplotlib backends.

If you want full GUI control, you can embed matplotlib in your own GUI
application, following one of the many embedding_in_*.py examples in
the examples subdirectory of the matplotlib src distribution.

If you come up with example code for your backend, please post it to
the list.


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