Set figure of graph1 to another figure from existing graph2

Hi everyone, I've been trying to solve this problem for the last few
days without success. I am afraid that part of the problem is my own
lack of understanding of matplotlib/wx's inner workings, this is my
first attempt to a GUI-tool.

I am using th networkx ( package to
generate a graph, this graph is according to the API "a pylab friendly
function that will use the current pylab figure axes (e.g. subplot)."

I want to embed this graph in the wx main application window. I've
been trying to do this using the wxmpl-package
( which creates a wx.Panel
containing a matplotlib.Figure. What I cant manage to do is to get the
networkx-graph (figure? subplot?) into the panel created by wxmpl.

What _does_ work is getting an embedded matplot-graph into the wxPanel
however I cant get the figure created by networkx to be drawn there
instead of an empty one. I think using the set_figure() function would
be a obvious way to do it, but I can't get it to work.

I realise that the problem might not be related to matplotlib at all
but I was hoping someone could give me help/pointers to a solution.

I attatched an .py example that shows what I am trying to do (you will
need wx, matplotlib, wxmpl and networkx).
Thanks! (1.59 KB)