Seperate text from PGF Graphics?


I'm currently working on my master thesis, which heavily involves creating plots and images. I recently found out about the pdf_tex feature of Inkscape, which basically creates a seperate LaTeX file besides the normal *.pdf output, to store the text. The advantage of this method is that the text displayed in the included pdf matches exactly the size of your font in the rest of your document, even when resizing the image. This is just a brilliant feature as it allows me to fit the width of the images to my column or textwidth while having the same font size for all images, it just looks amazing. While this work pretty well for the images i draw myself, i tried to find a similar feature for my matplotlib plots. The closest format to pdf_tex i found was pgf. But i have a major issue with this pgf format. When i resize the picture in LaTeX it also resizes the font size. Is there a way to get arround this issue? Guess i could resize the plot in matplotlib to fit approximately the page width and just include the pgf without resizing it, but i want a consistent look of all my images/plots in my thesis. Right now, I don't see any advantage over using just a plain pdf output using matplotlib, besides using the same font as in the rest of my document (but using pgf to include my plots / images also takes a lot more time to compile).

I'm not bound to pgf images, so if there is a vector graphic solution which let's me keep the same font size no matter how i resize my picture, I would go with it. I guess i could save the image as a svg and save it with inkscape to pdf_tex, but as i allready mentioned i have a lot of images / plots.

I would really appreciate any suggestions.


Benjamin Isbarn

PS: Excuse my bad english :slight_smile:
PPS: It doesn't seem to be easy to resize a pgf picture to the textwidth or columnwidth either (because of the \input statement, right now i'm using \scalebox{}{}). So an alternative to pgf wouldn't be bad.