Scrolling window

Not sure if this is the right place to post this...please instruct if wrong

I'm plotting some audio data, which can get big, and alongside I have
subplots of barcharts that represent onsets, RMS etc...
Since I have many onsets plotting the whole thing at once results in such
dense barcharts that the
graph is useless.

So currently I am plotting 5 seconds of audio with the respective barcharts
and use forward/backward buttons to skim through the data. Show next 5
seconds etc. The whole thing is embedded in PyQt.

It works but I just learned about the ScrollArea widget so I thought why not
plot the whole thing and just use scroll to move around the plot.

My main question is which is the common practice for doing this sort of
I know the data beforehand so I don't need dynamic updating. Seems scrolling
should be the easiest way to do this but I haven't found example and my code
doesn't work yet.



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