SciPy John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest

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Computing with Python-Austin,
Texas-June 24-29, 2013


John Hunter Excellence in
Plotting Contest
memory of John Hunter, we are
pleased to announce the first
SciPy John Hunter Excellence in
Plotting Competition. This open
competition aims to highlight
the importance of quality
plotting to scientific progress
and showcase the capabilities of
the current generation of
plotting software. Participants
are invited to submit scientific
plots to be judged by a panel.
The winning entries will be
announced and displayed at the


is graciously sponsoring cash
prizes for the winners in the
following amounts:

  •                                       1st
    prize: $500
  •                                       2nd
    prize: $200
  •                                       3rd
    prize: $100


  •                                         Entries
    must be submitted by April 3
    via e-mail.
  •                                         Plots
    may be produced with any
    combination of Python-based
    tools (it is not required
    that they use matplotlib,
    for example).
  •                                         Source
    code for the plot must be
    provided, along with a
    rendering of the plot in a
    vector format (PDF, PS,
    etc.). If the data can not
    be shared for reasons of
    size or licensing, “fake”
    data may be substituted,
    along with an image of the
    plot using real data.
  •                                         Entries
    will be judged on their
    clarity, innovation and
    aesthetics, but most
    importantly for their
    effectiveness in
    illuminating real scientific
    work. Entrants are
    encouraged to submit plots
    that were used during the
    course of research, rather
    than merely being
  •                                         SciPy
    reserves the right to
    display the entry at the
    conference, use in any
    materials or on its website,
    providing attribution to the
    original author(s).



  •                                         April

    3rd: Plotting submissions

  •                                         Monday-Tuesday,

    June 24 - 25: SciPy 2013
    Tutorials, Austin TX

  •                                         Wednesday-Thursday,

    June 26 - 27: SciPy 2013
    Conference, Austin TX *
    Winners will be announced
    during the conference days

  •                                         Friday-Saturday,

    June 27 - 28: SciPy 2013
    Sprints, Austin TX &
    look forward to exciting
    submissions that push the
    boundaries of plotting, in
    this, our first attempt at
    this kind of competition.


SciPy Plotting Contest


Droettboom, Space Telescope
Science Institute

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