SciPy 2010 Tutorials: brainstorming and call for proposals

Greetings everyone,

This year, there will be two days of tutorials (June 28th and 29th) before the
main SciPy 2010 conference. Each of the two tutorial tracks (intro, advanced)
will have a 3-4 hour morning and afternoon session both days, for a total of 4
intro sessions and 4 advanced sessions.

The main tutorial web page for SciPy 2010 is here:

We are currently in the process of planning the tutorial sessions. You
can help us in two ways:

Brainstorm/vote on potential tutorial topics



To help us plan the tutorials, we have setup a web site that allow everyone in
the community to brainstorm and vote on tutorial ideas/topics.

The website for brainstorming/voting is here:

The tutorial committee will use this information to help select the tutorials.
Please jump in and let us know what tutorial topics you would like to see.

Tutorial proposal submissions

We are now accepting tutorial proposals from individuals or teams that would
like to present a tutorial. Tutorials should be focused on covering a well
defined topic in a hands on manner. We want to see tutorial attendees coding!

We are pleased to offer tutorial presenters stipends this year for the first

   * 1 Session: $1,000 (half day)
   * 2 Sessions: $1,500 (full day)

Optionally, part of this stipend can be applied to the presenter's
registration costs.

To submit a tutorial proposal please submit the following materials
to 2010tutorials@...177... by April 15:

* A short bio of the presenter or team members.
* Which track the tutorial would be in (intro or advanced).
* A short description and/or outline of the tutorial content.
* A list of Python packages that attendees will need to have installed to
follow along.


Brian Granger
SciPy 2010, Tutorial Chair