Schedule for the SciPy08 conferencez

We have received a large number of excellent contributions for papers for
the SciPy 2008 conference. The program committee has had to make a
difficult selection and we are happy to bring to you a preliminary




**8:00** Registration/Breakfast

**8:55** Welcome (Travis Vaught)

**9:10** Keynote (Alex Martelli)

**10:00** State of SciPy (Travis Vaught, Jarrod Millman)

**10:40** -- Break --

**11:00** Sympy - Python library for symbolic mathematics: introduction
and applications (Ondřej Čertik)

**11:40** Interval arithmetic: Python implementation and applications
(Stefano Taschini)

**12:00** Experiences Using Scipy for Computer Vision Research (Damian

**12:20** -- Lunch --

**1:40** The new NumPy documentation framework (Stéfan Van der Walt)

**2:00** Matplotlib solves the riddle of the sphinx (Michael Droettboom)

**2:40** The SciPy documentation project (Joe Harrington)

**3:00** -- Break --

**3:40** Sage: creating a viable free Python-based open source
alternatice to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab (William Stein)

**4:20** Open space for lightning talks


**8:30** Breakfast

**9:00** Pysynphot: A Python Re-Implementation of a Legacy App in
(Perry Greenfield)

**9:40** How the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is using
Python (Robert Lupton)

**10:00** Real-time Astronomical Time-series Classification and Broadcast
Pipeline (Dan Starr)

**10:20** Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Scale Astrophysical
Simulations using Python and NumPy (Matthew Turk)

**10:40** -- Break --

**11:00** Exploring network structure, dynamics, and function using
NetworkX (Aric Hagberg)

**11:40** Mayavi: Making 3D data visualization reusable (Prabhu
Ramachandran, Gaël Varoquaux)

**12:00** Finite Element Modeling of Contact and Impact Problems Using
Python (Ryan Krauss)

**12:20** -- Lunch --

**2:00** PyCircuitScape: A Tool for Landscape Ecology (Viral Shah)

**2:20** Summarizing Complexity in High Dimensional Spaces (Karl Young)

**2:40** UFuncs: A generic function mechanism in Python (Travis Oliphant)

**3:20** -- Break --

**3:40** NumPy Optimization: Manual tuning and automated approaches (Evan

**4:00** Converting Python functions to dynamically-compiled C (Ilan

**4:20** unPython: Converting Python numerical programs into C
(Rahul Garg)

**4:40** Implementing the Grammar of Graphics for Python (Robert Kern)

**5:00** Ask the experts session.

A more detailled booklet including the abstract text will be available
We are looking forward to seeing you in Caltech,

Gaël Varoquaux, on behalf of the program committee.

SciPy2008 conference.
Program committee

Anne Archibald, McGill University
Matthew Brett
Perry Greenfield, Space Telescope Science Institute
Charles Harris
Ryan Krauss, Southern Illinois University
Gaël Varoquaux
Stéfan van der Walt, University of Stellenbosch