scatter symbol size?

Hello, I am using scatter function to make markers, and I am
confused about how the sizing works.
When I set the size of markers in plot() it
behaves as expected, larger numbers makes larger markers. However for scatter I set the size to
maybe 5 and then increase it to 50, and even 500 and there seems to be a limit
on the size of the marker in that the difference from 5 to 50 is large and from
50 to 500 its not much change. How does this work? Thanks.

axes.scatter(data,array, marker=’o’,
c=’g’, linewidth=1, edgecolor=’k’,
alpha=0.5, s=50)

also, lines seem
to plot over markers regardless of the order of the call to plot() and
scatter(). How can I force the markers to draw ontop
of the lines so that I don’t see the line beneath it? I’m using WxAgg. Thanks.



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