Scatter plot with different size of x and y

Hello Community ,

I want to ask a question regarding scatter plot , lets say I have X with 200 elements and Y with 1000 elements I want to plot them as a scatter plot despite knowing that it throws an error of size, Is there any way I can do it and plot them?

Let’s take a smaller example. Say you have

x = [1, 2]
y = [5, 6, 7, 8]

How would you want your scatter plot of these data to look?

@rcomer Thank you for your comment ,So I want them to visualize pairwise like (1,5) , (2,6), and for the rets of the point I don’t know how to interpret them on plot. Here is the real situation the points in x are extracted anomaly points from the series and y axis is sum of all rows in distance matrix which is obviously greater of size than anomaly points.
Here is my real problem I don’t know How can I make any relationship between these two feature should I use the scatter plot or is there any other plot which suits this problem very well. Hope this is clear to you