Scatter plot legend

Even better would be to let the legend be whatever size it needs to
be independent of the scale of the axes. I posted earlier on this
regarding units.

Sorry, I won't have time to implement this myself.

   - Paul


On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 10:57:09AM -0500, Paul Novak wrote:


I'm still interested in having a polygon symbol in the legend for a
scatter plot. I've made some changes to the suggestion of Manuel Metz to
make the legend symbol look better (the code-fragment from is
below). But when resizing the window, the symbol gets stretched and
placed in a bad location; it appears that the symbol is stretched and
scaled in the same manner as the legend box as a whole, while I think it
would look better if the symbol maintained the same size and aspect
ratio, but merely moved to the appropriate location within the resized

I would like to add this functionality, but I need some help to
understand the required transformations or scaling to make it look good.
Perhaps someone with a better understanding could provide some help?