Scatter Diagram Code doesn't work

Am I supposed to include something else here? And what is the purpose of these '>> 'and '<< ’ symbols?

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import math

plt.xlabel (‘Sepal Length’)
plt.ylabel(‘Petal Length’)
plt.title(‘Sepal vs Petal Length’)
plt.scatter(data[SepalLength], data[PetalLength], c= b)

@vemalavs I do not fully understand your question and am not sure what << or >> you are referring to.

What error are you getting? The traceback is very helpful for us to debug what is going wrong. My guess based on what information here is either

  1. data is not defined and you are getting a NameError
  2. The values you are indexing into data with are meant to be strings (as in data['SepalLength'] ) and you are again getting a NameError