scale for 2d array

I'm plotting a 2d array representing energy-energy covariances:
# (create and fill the 2d Array, 'mat')
pylab.matshow( mat, origin='lower',
extent=(elist[0],elist[-1],elist[0],elist[-1]) )

The 'extent' keyword puts the correct initial and final energies on the
scale for my matrix, but the energy range in between is not linear: can I
customize the scale further?
Also, I'd really like to plot both x and y axes of the array in log... so
far I haven't found documentation for this (pylab.loglog for example expects
two 1D arrays for x and f(x) )

Note that the minimum value for the matrix is actually 10^-5 eV, the next
point is at about 10^4 eV and it increases from there... so the current
scale is misleading.

Thanks for your help!


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