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Please do not underestimate the usefulness of this feature of Matlab. I am working on my PhD which is a long term project and requires many figures in the final dissertation. It very convenient in Matlab to be able to make small adjustment to plots you generated a year ago by simply opening the .fig file. Often, when working with my matplotlib plots, I’d have to go back and re-generate the plots, which may require a lenghty simulation or familiarising yourself with scripts you wrote a year ago.

The good pdf support in inkscape and the ability to save to svg from matplotlib somewhat alleviates this, but there are still many adjustments which require regenrating the original plot and many little errors that creep in because of incomplete support for the pdf format in



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Elaine Angelino wrote:

hi there,

in matlab, it is possible to save a matlab .fig file that can be opened
directly by matlab (and which you can then interact with and edit, for
example change the title, etc.). is it possible to do something
analogous in matplotlib?

thanks very much



No, this is not possible in mpl. It has been requested before, and
there has been some discussion, but I don’t think it is high on anyone’s
priority list. Personally, I never used that functionality when I used
Matlab, so I don’t miss it.


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