savefig problems

Dominik Szczerba <domi@...1534...> writes:

I want bright information (fonts,lines) on dark background (figure
bg, axes bg) and I can fully achieve this goal while DISPLAYING
plots. However, SAVING damages their colors

The following works for me (svn revision 3159):

  subplot(111, axisbg='k')
  plot([3,1,4,1,5,9,2], color='w', lw=2)
  savefig('foo.png', facecolor='k')
  savefig('foo.pdf', facecolor='k')

ingloriously (I could not trace down the rule what is aimed to be achieved)
and tweaking the two options in the example matplotlibrc (savefig.facecolor
and savefig.edgecolor) would not help.

The following works for me:

  rc('savefig', facecolor='k')
  savefig('foo.png'); savefig('foo.pdf')

Perhaps this has been fixed by somebody between your question and now.
If you are still having problems, could you be more specific about how
you are trying to accomplish your goal?


Jouni K. Sepp�nen