savefig problems with matplotlib

Thanks for the suggestion Jose. I installed the new version and
the same problem appeared again. I’m getting some ideas
though. When I tried it again by uncommenting the rc line, it
worked the first time but not the second. Doesn’t it cache some
of the information? Could that be the problem?

James Landry


On 11/25/05, José Matos <jaomatos@…878…287…> wrote:

On 25/11/05, James Landry <jwlandry@…287…> wrote:

I have intermittent problems with the savefig(‘foo.eps’) command when I am
using my native LaTeX interpreter to produce eps files. The really

frustrating thing is that it is intermittent. Sometimes I can save a file
that looks fine and sometimes I can’t.

My box is running Fedora Core 4 and kernel 2.6.14.

I have the following rpms:


Probably it is irrelevant to this problem and it does not help here

but notice that 0.85 is available from extras.

James W. Landry