savefig(epsfilename) Bug on XP

Hi folks

I can still not succeed saving my figures in ps or eps format
with the new ps backend file you send out.
I'm using python 2.4, mpl .84. Have tried with both Numeric
and numarray.



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   "Randewijk> Dear (newbie like myself) XP or more specific win32
   "Randewijk> users, The problem was not with the 'dvips' command,
   "Randewijk> but with the 'latex' command in version 0.83.2.

   "Randewijk> After changing the line 1086 in 0.83.2
   "Randewijk> to read:

I've made the suggested changes to Because I don't
have access to a win32 box with TeX, could I ask win32 / TeX users to
test the attached backend_ps file to make sure it is OK?