Sankey diagram toolkit


I’m new to the matplotlib-devel list, but I wanted to ask for your opinions and suggestions about sharing a toolkit/module for drawing Sankey diagrams. I’ve continued from the work of Yannick Chopin (see to help support more complex diagrams. I’m attaching an example.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

  1. Would the matplotlib community be interested in the code shared under a GPL license? Due to the fact that there are companies selling Sankey software (see, I’d rather keep a little more control than BSD provides.

  2. If there is
    interest, would the code be best shared as a matplotlib toolkit? It seems so, but I don’t think it directly fits with any of the other current toolkits.

  3. If it is best shared as a toolkit, how would I go about doing it? Currently, the code exists as about 900 lines of Python with five examples and inline documentation. Do I need to make special preparations?

Thank you!


Sankey example 5.png