Roll and offset around viewpoint with Axes3D


I am using the scatter function and axes3D. I can define my viewpoint on
my data points using the elev and azim parameters. But I am looking for
more specification of the viewpoint : namely, I want to roll (i.e. rotate
around the view axis) and offset it (i.e. get sideways, not rotate around
my data points).

Is there any way to do it ? At the moment, I am using transformation
matrices applied to my data points to reproduce the roll and offset.
Ultimately, I want to rotate and offset both the data points and axis, but
the transformation matrices only impact the data point.

Hence my question : any way to roll and offset around a viewpoint with
Axes3D ? I don't want to do this interactively, I want to be able to
program it.

Thanks, and cheers !