Returning contour points as an array

Hi, I’m trying to use the values of a contour plot to evaluate the min/max along a given axis in order to marginalize a 2d distribution. This effectively amounts to doing the same thing asked for in this post:

I think there’s an easier way to do this:

val = contour(xRange,yRange,delchi2,[1])
t = asarray(val.collections[0].get_verts())

because the example given in the above post actually return a list, not a numpy array (unless I did it wrong).

However, even though the above works, it was poorly documented and took about an hour of googling / guess-and-checking to get to it. Either the documentation should be improved a little (e.g. explain what “collections” really means) or some more transparent means of returning the contour data should be available.

So, the question: is there any easier way to do the above? Is this actually the easy method?