Return of the mystery error.

Hi John, Thanks again for the quick responce. Sorry about

    > not doing the simple test earlier. I installed the latest
    > version this time and used the script you suggested (.py
    > file is attached). Here's the output:

OK, damn, this is indeed the mystery error. It has reared its ugly
head on various (three, as far as I can see) win32 machines and not
others and noone has figured out why. Unfortunately, I can't
reproduce it and don't know how to fix it. Please post as much
information about your system (exact OS, which service pack,
motherboard/cpu, where you got python from, etc) as possible because
it may be helpful down the road.

I think you may be failing in the font load section. Could you rerun
your test script one more time with --verbose-debug and report that in
addition to the information above?