Retake control of colorbar?

Dear all,

This is probably a silly question based on my bias from matlab, but I have tried for two days without luck. I need to make pcolor plots in several figures, and the go back and add a scatter on each. This procedure is necessary due to how I read the data. My problem is that I can't figure out how update the colorbar in the end.

An example is as follows:


import random

import pylab as pl
import numpy as np

from numpy.random import rand

def pcl(fig,val):

def sct(fig,xvec,yvec,cvec):

pcl(1, rand(20,20)*10)
pcl(2, rand(20,20)*10)
pcl(3, rand(20,20)*10)


I would like the pcolor image and the colorbar to have the same clim extents as the scatter in the end. Is this in any way possible?

Many thanks for any help!