requesting for testing, os x installers

I uploaded new OSX binary eggs and a mpkg file to the sourceforge
site. We have at least one more bugfix release to push out later, and
before I do that I'd really like to know if the current installers
resolve the known problems. If you have an OS X platfor to test on,
I'd like to hear from you


Downloaded latest (Friday, Dec 19: 1200 Pacific Time) egg and mpkg from sourceforge:


* cleared out all previous installs and cleaned out easy_install.pth file.

* easy_install matplotlib-

Whoo hoo! all works great!

* cleared it all out again...

* Installed the mpkg

Whoo Hoo! another success!

One note on the mpkg -- it's called:


but it seems to work fine on 10.4 as well as 10.5 -- perhaps a re-naming is in order to save some confusion.

Mac OS-C 10.4.11 Dual G5 PPC - Python 2.5.2

Thanks for everyone's work getting this put together.



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