Requesting advice on multi-threaded matplotlib session + grids displaying data

John, Tks again for your help. I thought that you were

    > running that script in plain old ipython. I didn't
    > realize ipython-gtk was different from ipython. After
    > reading your last message, I downloaded and began using
    > ipython 0.6.2 for python 2.3. I thought ipython-gtk was
    > some linux variant of ipython (im on windows xp). I
    > appreciate now that it is a different animal entirely. My
    > mix-up on that. Sorry for the confusion.

    > There is no mention of ipython-gtk or pyint-gtk on the
    > web site. Is there any documentation
    > yet that I can see, perhaps tucked away in a cvs branch
    > somewhere?

    > I have enough to get going now.

No you don't! ipython 0.6.2 *will not work* with interactive

ipython-gtk is not mentioned on the ipython site because it is not in
the main release yet. It is only in CVS (and requires matplotlib CVS
as well) and is not yet fully functional. That is why I recommended
to use and included it in my email, which was written by
Fernando as an ipython-gtk prototyping script. will work
with the current matplotlib/gtk and requires no extra packages.

Keep your eyes on this list in the next few weeks for a fully
functional, integrated, ipython-gtk.

Sorry for the complexity - you're just coming into an area that is
being actively developed and changing almost daily.