Request for testing: IPython

Hi all,

sorry to spam the list a bit, but what follows is of direct interest
to a good number of matplotlib users.

Yesterday we put out here:

a release candidate for IPython 0.7.4, as well as PyReadline (needed
by windows users). There is one new feature in this release which is
of particular interest to matplotlib users: the ability to hit Ctrl-C
to interrupt a long-running script or computation, even when using any
of the multithreaded backends for matplotlib (WX, GTK or QT-based).

Doing this requires ctypes (part of python 2.5 but not automatically
in 2.4), and I had to use an undocumented feature of the Python C API,
so this is a bit of a 'black hack'. On the other hand, it is
*extremely* useful to be able to stop something you didn't want to run
for long without having to completely kill your ipython session.

Since I'm not 100% sure this will really work without any glitches,
I'd greatly appreciate the testing from any willing participants here.

If this feature survives real-world beating, we'll release next week.
If the feature remains, I'm likely to change the official version
number to 0.8 to indicate a new series with asynchronous exception
support in multiple threads.