Reports from SciPy 2013

SciPy 2013 was a great success. I didn’t get good headcount at the
matplotlib BOF, but it was a good number, and we had 15 participants
at various points during the sprints. It was nice to see the
diversity of experience with matplotlib at the sprints, and I hope
we oldtimers were helpful to the newtimers getting started so they
can continue to contribute in the future. It was also great to put
some faces to many of the talented names I’ve been seeing on github
and the mailing list lately.

I've summarized the matplotlib BOF as well as the sprint.  I've also

gone ahead and created MEP placeholders and issues for the major
themes discussed.

Both of these documents are based on the realtime etherpad notes we

made during the sessions, and on some of my own recollection, which
is known to be incomplete or incorrect on occasion. If I missed
something, or you feel something isn’t expressed in the right light,
feel free to edit the wiki, but we should keep further discussion on
the mailing list, github issues or other channels. It would also be
great to have volunteers to help write a MEP or two based on the BOF

Thanks again.  It was really nice to meet all of you!