Rendering of fonts in plots does not honor user-specified parameters

Hmm. Thanks for the info. A real puzzler, then. I'll probably have to get my hands on a Windows box to figure this one out.


Orest Kozyar wrote:


My apolgies for not responding sooner.

The only different between the provided matplotlibrc and the built-in
defaults seems to be font.weight. In the matplotlibrc it is "medium",
and in the defaults it is "normal". If you uncomment only
"font.weight", and leave the others commented out, do things work for you?

No the above does not. I need to uncomment the fonts.serif,
fonts.fantasy, fonts.sans-serif, etc lists for this to work. The example works in this case even when all other options
(including font.weight) are commented out.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you'd like me to test anything else.


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