Removing continents

Mauro Cavalcanti wrote:

Dear Jeff,

2008/12/13 Jeff Whitaker <jswhit@...146...>:

Mauro: That's a bug - the fillcontinents method was only returning the last
Polygon instance drawn. I've fixed it in SVN (r6579) to return a list of
all the Polygon instances. You can now iterate over that list and remove
each Polygon, like this
contpolys = m.fillcontinents()
for contpoly in contpolys:
In my application, it didn't work.

Mauro: Did you update from SVN? If so, can be more specific about what didn't work? The return value of fillcontinents should be a list of Polygon instances, each with a remove method.

But I just figured out that a much
simpler solution is to call ax.cla() (brute force, isn't it? :))

That deletes everything, not just the continent polygons. I don't think you want to do that. Removing just the continent Polygons should work if you have the latest SVN revision (0.99.3). Let's figure out why that's not working for you.



then call the Blue Marble drawing routine (err, method... I sometimes
miss the old and good FORTRAN times...). The problem with this
paleolitic approach is that by clearing the axis first, I lost all the
points and trees I have plotted on the map... :(. I will have to work
this out, because I have the same problem with other Basemap methods
in my application (for example, if I want to draw the map in different
resolutions, or on different projections).

Thanks for the bug report.
Well, I even didn't know that it was a bug!

With warmest regards,

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