Remove a line

Hi to all! A short question.

    > How can I do to remove a line from a subplot? I use
    > add_line(...) in order to add it, but what command have I
    > to use for remove it?

One figure in the user's guide that helps with kind of thing is the
figure in the API chapter that shows the containment hierarchy and
what the attribute names are. So you can see for example that the
Axes class has a lines instance which is a list of Line2D objects.
Thus you can remove any line from the axes just using list methods


The only lingering effects of the line after removing it will be that
it's data extent (xmin, xmax), (ymin, ymax) will still be in the axes
data lim, so if you want to clear this you will need to reset the
datalim or manually set the limits, eg ax.set_xlim and ax.set_ylim.