release schedule


Re-addressing the long-term release schedule first discussed in May 2016
[1] (which we are now about a year behind on).

2018-01/02 : 2.2 LTS
  - this will be the LTS release and get patch level fixes until 2020

2018-07 : 3.0
  - first release which is python 3 only.

The level of backporting to 2.2 will depend on if someone champions it. I
am personally only willing to do critical (failure to import and segfault
fixes) backports. If functionality bug fixes are important to people, I am
happy to delegate all responsibility of the 2.2.x series.

For 3.0, I would like to start with python 3.6+ only. The release schedule
for 3.7 is 2018-06 so that would return us to, what I understand used to be
the standard, support for the last 2 versions of python. Further, both
python 3.4 and 3.5 already have no planned future releases.


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