Release schedule for version 1.0.1?

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>> I'm curious when the next release of matplotlib is due.
>> My application is suffering badly from the issue that an incorrect font
>> cache will cause matplotlib to fail (the application mysteriously exits
>> partway through startup until the user deletes the font cache).
>> That problem is allegedly fixed on the trunk and I'm trying to decide
>> how best to deal with it. Depending on the timing of 1.0.1 I can decide
>> whether it's worth putting in my own workaround, bundling a prerelease
>> version of matplotlib or just waiting for the official release.
> I'm not sure what the timeframe is on 1.0.1.

I would be happy to do a release early next week. Is anyone aware of
any show stopper bugs that need to be fixed first? I had hoped to do
it last week ahead of the ETS release, but simply did not get to it.

> What problem with the cache are you referring to? I'm aware of a
> problem where if some fonts are moved or removed after the cache is
> created matplotlib will crash (and this problem is fixed in the trunk),
> but is that really a problem in everyday practice? I'm just curious --
> if there's another issue with the cache that I'm not aware of, I'd like
> to fix it.

I used to see font cache problems when testing and/or doc building for
a 0.99 branch release on a machine which had been running 1.0svn
trunk. I can't replicate it now, so perhaps it is fixed (though I
have only tried reverting the install and making plots, not doing full
doc builds). The only commit related to the cache since the 1.0
release that I see is

  r8712 | mdboom | 2010-09-21 16:13:25 -0400 (Tue, 21 Sep 2010) | 2 lines

  If a font file is looked up in the cache, but that font file no longer
  on disk, rebuild the cache.

Not sure why this would caused a failure in the case of going from 1.0
to 0.99 ...

That's the fix I wanted.

Oddly enough, I never noticed the problem until I started bundling 1.0.0
with my application. Then I had many reports of it. However, I also
started bundling a strip chart widget and it's conceivable that my
earlier simpler plots never needed the font cache.

Russell, a good solution for you, not just for this particular
problem, but in general, is to use MPLCONFIGDIR in your application.
This will give you a custom location for your rc file, font cache,
etc.... We use it on the buildbots which are running multiple
installations of mpl to avoid clashes.

Thank you. That sounds like precisely what I wanted! I can keep my
application self-contained. Wonderful!

-- Russell


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