REL: Matplotlib 3.0.1


This is the first bug fix release for the 3.0 series which fixes

- Fix failure to import bug when on Python 3.6.7 and 3.7.1
- Fixed a number of failure to import bugs around finding fonts
- Fix Qt4 backend
- Fix bug on OSX that recursively searched current directory for fonts
- Fix bouncing-rocket on OSX when doing backend fallback and not
   selecting OSX
- Temporarily restore several private APIs to unbreak cartopy
- Make pyplot more tolerant of varying signatures in 3rd-party
- Improve datetime64 unit handling
- Fixed several poor interactions with tight_layout

The wheels are up on pypi and updated packages are available on main
anaconda / conda-forge. A big thank you to the prompt work of the

The documentation will catch up with the release in the next few days.



Thomas Caswell
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