[REL] Matplotlib 2.2.3


Happy to announce we have tagged and release Matplotlib 2.2.3. This is the
third bug-fix release of the v2.2 LTS series. Wheels and the tarball are
on pypi and conda-forge is

As a reminder the v2.2 LTS series is the last feature version of Matplotlib
to support python 2.7 and will get bug fixes until 2020. Future feature
releases will be python 3 only.

In addition to documentation and example fixes this release
fixes several critical bugs:

- Fix import failure on BSD systems
- Fix import errors in Qt shims for PyQt5 5.11 and PyQt4 4.12
- Fix import errors if bz2 module is not in standard library
- Fix overflow in _path.h
- Fix infinite recursion in transform repr
- Fix bug with XKCD style
- Remove unsafe usage of Popen

A big thank you to everyone who worked on this release!



Thomas Caswell
tcaswell at gmail.com
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