RedHat and Release Upgrade to Numpy 1.8.1 and Matplotlib 1.3.1 / Install from Source

Dear colleagues,
I’ve decided to upgrade my matpoltlib
installation under a RedHat 6.4 Linux, by removing the original yum package
and installing latest version of Numpy 18.1 and Matplotlib 1.3.1.
My Python is still 2.6.6. The manual
installation from source completed successfully, but when calling a sample
code, the execution starts and stops silently with no error message.
I guess some configuration is missing
to define the graphical backend configuration, among one of the valid choices:

I ve tried to set the backend by the
import matplotlib
list of suported backends (template)

[‘GTK’, ‘GTKAgg’, ‘GTKCairo’, ‘MacOSX’,

‘Qt4Agg’, ‘TkAgg’, ‘WX’, ‘WXAgg’, ‘CocoaAgg’, ‘GTK3Cairo’, ‘GTK3Agg’, ‘WebAgg’,
#‘agg’, ‘cairo’, ‘emf’, ‘gdk’, ‘pdf’, ‘pgf’, ‘ps’, ‘svg’, ‘template’]
By testing I was not able to identify
a working backend for Redhat, so there might be some missing install dependency
in case of a manual install. Could your please give me some
hints what’s missing to activate the
graphical interface at RedHat Linix.


Claude Falbriard
Certified IT Specialist L2 - Middleware
AMS Hortolândia / SP - Brazil
phone: +55 13 9 9760 0453
cell: +55 13 9 8117 3316
e-mail: claudef@…3779…**

How long did you wait? Do allow approximately one minute for the first execution to allow for the font.cache to be built. It can appear that the process has “hung” because it is waiting for “fc-list” subprocess to complete.


Ben Root