redefining scatter positions

Hello, I am having trouble with scatter plots. I created a

    > scatter plot of just one point: s1 = scatter([1,],[1,])
    > now I want to move this point after its creation and I'm
    > not sure how to do this. I'm been looking around in teh
    > documentation without any success. Is there something that
    > might be close to the following:

It is possible but not advisable. scatter will be slower than plot
for this purpose, and since you have only one point there is not
reason to use a PolygonCollection, which is what scatter uses under
the hood. You can just

  line, = ax.plot([1], [1])

and then call

But if I were just doing one point, I would create my own
matplotlib.patches.Polygon and use ax.add_patch to add it to the axes
and then manipulate the polygon properties directly.

  mpl/examples> grep Polygon * matplotlib.patches import Polygon = Polygon(verts, facecolor=0.8, edgecolor='k') matplotlib.patches import Polygon PolygonInteractor: = PolygonInteractor( circ)
  mpl/examples> grep Circle * p = Circle(center, radius=.1) = Circle((.5,.5),.5)