Real time

Hello at all
I have to do the following:
I have tu use as base grap the following:

def calibrazione(self, massa, ampveliniziale, freqiniziale, freqfinale , freqps, avps, freqss, avss):
        import math
        dati = []
        for freq in range(int(freqiniziale), int(freqfinale)):
            forza = float(massa) * ((2*math.pi*freq)**2)/10
        ax1 = subplot(111)
        xlabel('Frequenza HZ')
        ylabel('Forza daN')
        title('Grafico Calibrazione')
        ax2 = twinx()
      # savefig('test.pdf')

On this graf i have to draw others two signals that cam from two instrumentes every 20 seconds for 115 ties.
Thare are some sample or someone can explain it to me




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