Steve Westenbroek wrote:

Hi Jeff,

I apologize in advance for contacting you directly, however, I've been
Googling and RTFM-ing to no avail!

If you have time and/or inclination, I have two questions for you
regarding the Basemap module under Matplotlib.

1) I've been struggling to use "readshapefile" to load a simple polyline
shapefile. I'm currently running the Enthought Python Distribution
v5.1.0 on Windows XP. I stumbled onto an archived email message from you describing how one does a "python install" from within the Thuban source directory. I can verify that the script works following installation. However, I cannot get Python to recognize "readshapefile" as a valid method. I'm sure there is a simple solution to this, but it is just out of my reach. Any ideas?

Steve: You have to create a basemap class instance, then call the readshape file method. All the necessary dependencies are included, you don't have to install anything else. Try running the demo, and if that works, everything is fine.

2) It does not appear that one can simply pass through the Proj4 string when invoking "Basemap"? Is this true? I have some whacky (i.e. project-specific) projection parameters that I'd love to simply feed into "Basemap", but it doesn't appear to be a possibility. If I am correct, do you have a sense for how difficult it would be to modify Basemap to accept Proj4 strings?

It's impossible, because a) Basemap doesn't support all the possible proj4 projections, and b) not all the info Basemap needs can be specified in a proj4 string.

Have you seen the documentation at ?



Thanks in advance! It seems that I am tantalizingly close to making this work for my problem.


- Steve