Re-trigger github PR workflow

Sometimes checks are not passed due to various, not code-related reasons, see for instance here or here.

What is the recommended practice to follow in such cases:

  • push an empty commit to re-trigger the workflow or
  • ask (ping) someone of the developers to manually restart the workflow or
  • do nothing and just wait (but I’m not sure if anyone will look at a PR with a red cross) or
  • anything else?

It’s not always trivial to restart the checks and I think most of the devs just close and reopen or force push to get this to happen.

OTOH I don’t think there is any problem politely pinging for review if there is a red x that you are pretty sure is not the PRs fault and pointing that out.

Also if you feel a contribution is languishing feel free to ping in maybe a weekly basis. Things fall off peoples radars inadvertently. Btw thanks for all your recent contributions. They have been very welcome.

Thank you, @jklymak.