Re: [Matplotlib-users] Extract the x- and y-locations from the contour matrix C

Hi Nils,

Extracting the x and y locations from a contour is a bit of a pain in matplotlib (or at least was last time I tried it). if you do something like

c = ax.contour(x,y,z,…)

(where … stands in for the arguments you might want to supply)

then c is a QuadContourSet. To get at the contour data you need to do something like

p = c.collections[i].get_paths()

(if you want the i’th collection, i.e. contour level number i, or you could iterate of c.collections)

then p is a list of Path objects corresponding to each separate contour.

p.vertices is then an N x 2 array of the x and y values

An alternative to this is to use scikit-image package, in particular skimage.measure.find_contours. However in that case you do something like:

c = find_contours(image,level)

(where image is a 2D array) and you get back a list of (n,2) arrays with the indices of the image for the contour. To get the x,y values then you need to scale those indices accordingly.



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